My Super Bowl Pick

Here it is. We made it to the summit of professional football. The Super Bowl is upon us. With Super Bowl week, the media creates endless narratives cause they need to come up with a week’s worth of content. Most of it has nothing to do with what is actually going to happen in the game.

That said, the media has SUCKED this week. It’s not just ESPN and NFL Network. It’s social media, the public, all of my podcasts. There’s usually the underdog story, lifelong vet finally makes it to the big game, some feel good community thing, etc, etc, etc. This week it’s been: Bengals, Joe Brr, Bengals, Joe Shiesty, staffordmcvay, Bengals, Ja’Marr Chase, Cincinnati, Bengals, Burrow. The most we’ve heard about the Rams is the damn stadium… and those pictures of Frat Stafford were hilarious. But they’re fooling all of you. Got you all drinking that orange Kool-Aid.

Even last night at the NFL Honors, it was like Cooper Kupp and Andrew Whitworth get passed over and everyone is drooling over Burrow and Chase. Whitworth had the best speech of the night and this morning, I haven’t seen his name mentioned at all.

Look. I get it… I guess. The Bengals are new, the Bengals are young, the Bengals have good social media and everywhere you look there’s a video of Joe Burrow dancing or with a cigar in his mouth… or both. Joe Burrow’s attitude is great until he loses. Then what? Then will he be bashed for being overconfident? No. He’s going to be the hero that gave Cincy their first SB berth since the 80s. I DO NOT CARE. And I’m already sick of it. This man is going to be around for the next 15-20 years and be a media darling. I’m oooover it.

The Rams should be getting sooooooo much more attention. Look at their roster. Stafford was held hostage by the Detroit Lions for 12 years and now, takes a real team to the Super Bowl. You think Joe Burrow is hungry? Ask Matthew Stafford what he’s been through. Aaron Donald is arguably the best defensive player EVER. Odell Beckham comeback story and just proves the Giants and Browns are poverty franchises. Von Miller showing he’s still got it. Not to mention, Cooper Kupp, Ramsey and Whitworth. McVay has to be the youngest coach with two trips to the Super Bowl. Can we talk about McVay vs his former assistant Taylor? No. Cause no one cares. Everyone wants to suck off Joe Burrow.

The Bengals are not superior in any facet of the game tomorrow. At best, they are equal in some categories. Yes, any given Sunday and all that, but look at it. Burrow and Staff are on a level playing field, idc what you think. You can argue for Mixon, but Cam Akers is looking better after that achilles tear and a RB is nothing without an OLine.. something the Bengals do not have. You taking Chase & Higgins over Kupp & Odell? Get a life. Defensively, the Bengals have been a surprise. The Rams have 3 sure-fire hall of famers surrounded by quite a few Pro Bowlers. Special Teams matters too, and McPherson is very good. People seem to forget that Matt Gay is a Pro Bowl kicker in his own right. Coaching? McVay all day.

I am well aware that I am in the minority. It’s probably Rams fans, me/Ravens Flock, Steelers fans and Browns fans that feel this way. But I hope Joe Burrow gets sacked 14 times, fumbles 5 times and that this game is just like when the Seahawks beat the living crap out of the Broncos. Aaron Donald MVP. McVay rallies his team because he won’t be disappointed on the big stage again. He raises his first Lombardi of many.

As a matter of fact, that’s the prediction. The Rams D swallows the baby Bengals whole. McVay’s offense is clicking on all cylinders as Cooper Kupp & Odell both go for 100+ and cook Eli Apple and company. Hope you brought two outfits JB cause those glasses are going to look real stupid after that performance. Rams 43, Bengals 6.

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