The Terps’ Coaching Search is Officially A Disaster

The season is over and it seems there are nothing but dark days ahead for Terps basketball. I wanted Turgeon gone as much as the next guy, but his resignation mid-season has been a disaster. Mark Few, who is well respected, came out and blamed the fan base and supported Turgeon. Former players like Jalen Smith came to Turgeon’s defense too.

Danny Manning should not return. The Terps played well down the stretch, but fell short of a couple comeback attempts and I think most of that was senior motivated from Ayala and Fatts. New blood is needed, but I don’t know who it will be.

Almost every name out there was brought up as a possibility and slowly but surely, that list has withered away for one reason or another.

Nate Oats’ buyout is too high. Rick Pitino is 71 and dispelled the rumors on Twitter and said he’s staying at Iona. Whatever loser. We didn’t want you anyway (yes we did). Bruce Pearl and Andy Enfield both used the rumors to secure extensions. Eric Musselman has more NIL pull and a top recruiting class coming in next year. Ed Cooley, a Providence native, is at his dream job. Mike Brey is the latest and greatest rumor and while he is a DC native, the school rubbed him the wrong way when they didn’t even consider him 11 years ago before Turgeon was hired. Now we’re making a run at Shaka Smart, who is finishing his first year at Marquette and couldn’t handle the pressure at Texas? Our fan base would expect big things and he might look to get out before he gets started. If you could imagine an excuse, it seems any coaching candidate has had one.

Who does that leave? Kevin Willard from Seton Hall? Who barely beat the 6-24 Georgetown Hoyas in the Big East tourney? Seton Hall also plays a terribly boring style of basketball. Juan Dixon I guess, but Coppin State took a step backwards this year (although they did just upset second seeded Howard in the conference tourney). Coppin is also an insanely difficult job, so how much can you blame Dixon? Unsure.

Damon Evans, with his interesting past at UGA, is not a bad AD by any stretch. However, hiring an Atlanta based search firm may have been the dumbest move I have ever seen. Maryland should be a top 15-25 destination for coaches in the country and we can’t even lock down any real candidates! That is a problem. I also can’t understand why we won’t drop the money for a top tier coach. If you want to be a top tier program, you have to spend the money. We were lucky back in the day since Gary Williams was a Maryland Alum. Things don’t work that way anymore (except for Ed Cooley).

A guy from a middle of the road program that no one has heard of before is not the answer, but we might have to take what we can get. Turgeon 2.0 seems to be on the horizon. Buckle down Terps fans, this will be rough.

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