Meaningful Baseball in Baltimore… Let’s Ride

In April, I wrote a blog where I was cautiously optimistic for the Birds. I was frustrated. I was mad. The crops on the farm were ready to be harvested and they were just sitting there wilting away… and the Orioles started pretty on brand with a 7-14 record the first calendar month of the season.

That said, it didn’t FEEL like 7-14. We won a series against the Yankees. We weren’t getting blown out. The bullpen wasn’t having implosions like years’ past. Then in mid-May, the Great Hope, Adley Rutschman was called up. Then we started having fun.. even as he was struggling a bit at the plate. Gray-Rod got hurt right before he was going to debut, but we didn’t let that keep us down. June was our first winning month since 2017.

And then… something magic happened. 10 wins in a row. Longest winning streak this century. The Orioles haven’t played meaningful baseball in 5 years, and now, we sit exactly where we did on September 1, 2017: 1.5 games out of a wild card spot. That felt like a last ride for a club that had a ton of contract questions coming up. You know what happened after that… we imploded in September, finished in last, and then 2018, we blew it up.

We knew dark days were ahead back then, but now? Above .500 in July, the #4 & 5 prospects in baseball, first pick in the draft on Sunday? We see the light. Winning baseball is back in Baltimore and it’s here to stay. And I’ll tell you, the wait has been worth it for what I feel right now. Pure excitement. For the last few years, it didn’t matter what we did at the big league level and all eyes were on the kids in the minors. Now, we’re fully invested every night. Cause every night MATTERS.

It’s time to turn it on. These next 10 games could very well make or break this season. It starts with 3 in Tampa this weekend, nice little break for the All Star game and then 7 at home vs the Yankees and Tampa. Tampa sits in the first wild card spot, 4 games ahead of us. This stretch is the definition of helping ourselves. Not to mention, a total of 7 games separate 8 teams in the wild card race. Insanity.

Give me second half baseball. Pack the Yard after the break. The boys need us. Winning baseball in Baltimore is back and let the squad know that we see it. Let the whole world know that baseball is better when the Orioles are good. We’re a sports town and we have the best ballpark in baseball.

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