Where is June?!

The Red Sox went 20-6 in the month of June; the third best record in the majors by any team in that month. Vibes were high! The Red Sox were back after an abysmal start to the season. June was the month that brought excitement to the Red Sox fans for the 2022 season and rallied us together to fight for a playoff spot in the second half of the season. I saw signs of what last year brought us in making an ALCS appearance. The fight, love and fun that this team brought night in and night out was unmatchable. I mean what could knock us off our high horse within a day??

As my friend, GC, states “baseball is a long season, dumbass.” As I always get ahead of myself when things are looking good for the Sox. Well things are going bad….I mean very bad as a Red Sox fan. We are on a nonstop train ride to rock bottom and it is not even funny! The Red Sox are currently 5-11, going on 5-12 after today’s loss. How did things change so quickly with this team in just ONE F*%$%# MONTH?! Yes, the Red Sox have had to deal with several injuries on their pitching staff, along with injuries to Story and Devers. The problem is the inconsistency in their hitting. Yes, the Red Sox are struggling in the offensive category….Shocker to me as well. JD has lost the spark he once had at the beginning of the season, teams have caught onto how to pitch to Duran and keep him off the bases, Franchy is 0-15 with 15 strikeouts in his last 15 at bats. That’s just not going to get the job done. That is not our only problem.

The bullpen has been an absolute disaster all year. Currently watching the Sox lose to the Yankees, seeing Bummy Brasier and Dipshit Diekman come in for .2 innings and both give up 4 earned runs. Well done. Chaim has some work to do come the trade deadline at the end of the month. I predict there will be a lot of movement in the bullpen, as I don’t see us being sellers at the deadline. Bring in a couple more left handed relievers and DFA Brasier and Diekman. Things have to change and they better change quickly or we will be sitting in last in the East and falling four to five games back of the last wild card spot. Here we are though, sitting two games back.

What does Chaim do moving forward? Bulk up the bullpen? Add a first baseman? Sell? There are many routes to take, but the only clear option is to stick to your ways and spend, spend, spend. Last year we tweaked our bullpen and added Big Schwarb. We need the same formula this year. Josh Bell having a fantastic year for a very poor Nationals squad. He is hitting .311/13/50 with an OPS of .894. He would be an instant upgrade and someone we can utilize for a one year deal. If they can add a lefty reliever, possibly a Gregory Soto from Detroit that has good stuff, or pull in Robertson or former Red Sox, Daniel Bard, then I believe we can make a solid run. Starting pitching is getting healthier, along with Whitlock slotting himself back into the bullpen shows signs of stability.

We have many questions going into this all star break. Decisions that Chaim Bloom has to make and make them quickly. Go spend, Chaim! The Red Sox faithful is not a patient fanbase, and being competitive is the first thing on our radar. It will be interesting to see how the Sox respond after this All-Star break, as they have 40 more games left against the AL East. The division that punches you in the gut until you do something about it. Time is of the essence as the second half begins, finish July strong and let’s get back on track.

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VA is home. Huge baseball and football guy. Former college athlete. Have a niche for finding sports teams that create heartbreak in my life.

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