GC’s Gambling Corner

Come on in. Here’s where I’ll post my gambling blogs and picks so that we all make some money. If I don’t have time to post here, I’ll post my picks on Twitter and Instagram @BetweentheYards. Feel free to read through or follow me blindly. Hopefully we cash some tickets and you learn a thing or two along the way.

114-76-5 Overall Record (60%)
48-31-3 in March (60.7%)

Week 3 CFB Gambling Card & Quick Hits

Here’s my card, and let’s be real, you don’t want a full analysis on each game. You want picks and maybe a sentence as to why. UCF -6.5. I don’t like that the line shrunk to 6.5 and I don’t trust Gus Malzahn, but Louisville stinks more. Terps -6.5/7. Line is shrinking as well but…

Saturday Gambling Corner: A Couple of Big East Dawgs & Another Future

Took the night off last night, I didn’t like much. Back at it Saturday with a huge card, let’s go! CBBWVU/OKST o147.5Purdue -6.5Marshall/Charlotte o139.5Providence +4.5Southern Utah -3.5USC -2Arkansas/Texas A&M o137Butler +12.5NHLPHI/PIT o6STL MLEDM MLFutureUCONN +400 to win the Big East Tournament WVU/OKST o147.5Taking this for the same reason I took the WVU over the other…

GC’s Gambling Corner 3/4/21

More picks, more winners. That’s been the story of late, let’s ride. NBACeltics -8.5OKC +7Portland -4.5Suns -11.5CBBTexas +2Vandy +7.5Bellarmine/Stetson o141WVU/TCU o143NHLPHI/PIT o6NYI MLCHI +1.5 Boston -8.5I knew something was up with this line when I saw it this morning. Toronto has the Covid. No Siakam, VanVleet or OG tonight and I think Boston makes light…

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